Brass pre filter valve with/without manometer In China

Brass pre filter valve with/without manometer


Brass filter valve with manometer

 material: brass forged

 size: 1/2" 3/4"

 surface: natural brass or nickel plated

 thread standard: BSP or NPT


Technical characteristics:
easy to install
filtration ensured during rinsing (removal of deposits).
glass bowl of synthetic material with the degree of shock loading of the filter.
bowl and fully interchangeable cartridge filter
body with a threaded male and female output connections,
or maintenance without disassembly of the pipe


filter protects the installation of unwanted particles (sand, pieces of rust particles, hemp, etc.).
the deposits accumulated on the lower part of the filter is discharged by opening the valve. very compact, these filters are particularly well suited to sites.

Products nameBrass filter valve with manometer
Body materialbrass or as customer's
Size1/2" 3/4" 1"
UsuageLiquid Filtration
Functionnfiltration water
Delivery time 30 days