Spray gun weld torch

Spray gun weld torch

New all copper outdoor fire torch, welding torch convenient carton spray gun barbecue charcoal fire torch

Cartridge spray guns, outdoor fire and fire guns, butane gas gun, gas gun, point gun.

Single tube outdoor barbecue fire torch, butane gas welding torch igniter, ignition gun

Metal fire gas stove igniter, igniter exit safety igniter standard point gun torch

The size of the flame can be adjusted, and the temperature can be adjusted.

The flame temperature can be as high as 1350 degrees Celsius.

You can fire up and down 360 degrees in all directions.

Windproof, moisture-proof and waterproof are better than electric welding.

The replacement of the gas tank is very convenient. It takes only 1-2 seconds. The gas of the gas tank is butane gas.

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