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How to Sweat Brass Ball Valves

May 20, 2013

Mankind has been working to control water since the first civilizations. Modern plumbing systems took root in the 19th century because of the explosive growth of cities. The invention of the water valve allowed greater control of this precious resource. Valves come in an expansive array of materials and designs. One of the most common types is the brass ball valve which will shut off quickly and is extremely dependable because of its simple design. Installing a ball valve requires learning how to sweat it properly.

1、Cut the copper pipe to the desired length with the pipe cutter. Ream the inside of the cut end to remove any burrs using the reaming tool on the back of the cutter.        
2、Clean the pipe end and inside of the ball valve with the steel wool.        
3、Brush plumbing flux on the end of the pipe and inside of the ball valve.        
4、Push the ball valve onto the pipe into its final resting position. Make sure to confirm the valve's gate can open and close properly.        
5 、Heat the connection between the valve and the pipe with the torch. Once it begins to get hot apply the flux to the connection and work all the way around. The flux should melt and be carried into the connection by capillary action.        
6、Allow the connection to cool and wipe off the excess flux with a rag.