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Handheld Shower

May 29, 2013

Taking a bath can be relaxing until it comes time to rinse your hair, and then you have to choose between dunking your head into the now dirty water, or turning on the shower and getting water in your eyes. Spare your eyes and keep your clean hair out of the dirty water by installing a handheld shower head. Handheld shower heads make tasks done from the bath or shower much easier, like reaching those hard to reach places while showering, washing out the tub, or cleaning your pets. Handheld shower heads make showering and bathing easier for everyone but are particularly helpful for older individuals and those with disabilities.
1、Turn off the water. Make sure the valve to the shower is completely turned off as you will be removing the shower head, and any running water will result in a watery mess.        
2、Remove the shower head. Fit a monkey wrench around the base of the shower head's connecting base and turn it counterclockwise. The first turn will be the hardest, and you may need to grab the wrench with two hands and turn hard. Once you have loosened the shower head enough you will be able to turn it with your bare hands until it comes off.        
3、Examine the threads of the pipe and remove any plumbers tape you see on it. You may need to apply more plumbers tape later, but it's better to start fresh with a new application.       
4、Place the handheld shower head over the pipe threading. The shower head should fit tightly over the pipe. If it feels tight, go ahead and screw it all the way on. If the fit feels loose, remove the shower head and apply 3 layers of plumbers tape over the threads of the pipe. Check the fit again, and apply more layers of tape as needed until a firm fit is achieved.        
5、Tighten the connection between the shower head and the pipe by using a monkey wrench. Once you have made the connection nice and tight, turn on the water and test out your new handheld shower head. Make sure that there is no water dripping from the point of the connection to the pipe. If there is, remove the handheld shower head and add more plumbers tape. Continue to check and apply plumbers tape until no water leaks from the connection.