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Bathroom Fittings

Nov 16, 2012

Sanitary repairs and bathroom fittings are the dreaded words that every home-owner fears. Their exorbitant prices and even costlier repairs are enough to put a dent on any household budget. Especially in UK, bathroom and sanitary wares are not only expensive but their installation is difficult as well. Reason for this is different plumbing systems across households of various ages. So, it gets difficult to modernise a relatively old house.

Bathroom fittings are an important fixture in homes because that is where we spend so much time to relax! Study shows that on an average, an adult spends as much as 750 hours per year in the bathroom. Its very important that these bathroom accessories be not only comfortable but aesthetically pleasing as well.

There are many bathroom and sanitary wares retailers having online presence. It would definitely make sense to look for your bathroom fittings online as it would give you more breadth of choice and higher discounts. Often you not only get discounts but get cashbacks for favouring a particular retailer as well. Its a win-win situation for all. The retailer saves on establishment costs of setting a shop on the high street ad the customer gets huge discounts and cashbacks on the choicest bathroom accessories in UK.

For smaller bathroom

For the bathroom in smaller houses or condominiums, they generally has size around 2.25 square meters. This type of bathroom highly requires inspiration creativity and expertise in order to arrange smaller room to look larger.

Please also remember that the higher ceiling, the smaller of the room look and feel. The standard height of ceiling which don't make bathroom look cramped is between 2.2-2.4 meters. Use dark tone colour with ceiling will also make your bathroom look cramped. You should use lighter tone or use ceiling lights to make the room brighter.

Using colour is also important, white colour and creamy colour are the most popular for using with bathroom, because people believe that these colours will make bathroom looks clean and comfortable. However, there are other colours, such as bright green, that also make the room looks fresh and active.

Good position of lights also helps small bathroom looks more comfortable. Using large mirror with bright colour also helps. You should choose sanitary ware that has smaller size in order to keep space available, but not too small. Here is the list of standard size of sanitary ware and space required, which you should consider.

- The smallest space for bathtub start from 75 cm. to 1.7 meters
- Shower space should not smaller than 1 square meter
- Size of bathtub space should not smaller than 0.9x0.9 meter
- Space for toilet should not wide smaller than 0.85 cm.

Doors may be the other problem of small bathroom, because doors required amount of space. Choosing sliding door may be the better option in order to save space. But if you have to use a normal type one, avoid installing in the way that people in the bathroom pushing the door to open, which may be unsafe to the people outside the bathroom.