Outdoor camping gas stove valve In China

Outdoor camping gas stove valve


Outdoor camping gas stove valve

Art No.: GCV-001

Outdoor camping gas stove safety switch charging inflatable valve adapter for flat tank liquid gas cylinder.


Used in filling the tank of liquefied gas cylinder. Household, flat

High pressure pipe made from PU pipes.

Safe and easy to control.


1. You must inflate valve a flat, empty tanks. A liquefied gas cylinder, and an electronic scale.

2. Please make sure that the tank flat connection valves before gas charging.

3. Connect the liquefied gas cylinder interface cylindrical, unscrew cylinder valve and check that the gas escape.

4. For liquefied gas cylinder down or upside down and connected to the flat cylinder wear connect flat tank level, open the liquefied gas cylinder, son. As you can then liquefied gas gas flow in the pipe.

5. After gas charging, please close all valves.


Please use in ventilation open areas do not use under any circumstance with flames.

Make sure that the flat cylinder < = 340 G.


Material: metal + PU.