Brass Float Valve with Flexible Rod In China

Brass Float Valve with Flexible Rod

  • Model NO.: NXF-002

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brass float valve
brass body

plastic ball from 41/2"-10"
1.Components and materials:
2.Washer: brass
3.Seal gasket: teflon
4.Body: brass
5.Seal gasket: NBR
6.Piston: brass
7.Pin: brass
8.Lever: brass
9.Nut: brass
10.Ball: PVC
11.Thread: ISO 07 standard
12.Working temperature: -20≤t≤60°C
13.Nominal pressure: 0.04≤pw≤0.6MPa
14.Suitable medium: water
15.Size: through 1/2 to 1 inches